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Everything you need to know and what we offer for advertising.

We're currently reaching about 110K+ requests and over 1,200 unique visitors per month. Generally, websites will charge you about $1 per unique visitor per 30 days, also dependant on availability. To start out, we're offering a slot at just $0.50 per unique visitor, making it $600 per month for our top slot.

What do you get for $600/month?

You'll get our premium ad spot for 30 days, which is at the top of the homepage visible immediately when coming to this website, giving maximum exposure. It will be a text ad, with your logo, website link, and social media link if chosen.

Example Ad:



The SafeMoon Protocol V2 is a community focused DeFi token that forms part of the expanding SafeMoon ecosystem.

What is not allowed?

Our slot is reserved for only the most professional tokens, meaning we don't allow "Next 1000X Gem" type of advertising, as it lacks that level of professionalism we expect. Here's all that is prohibited:

  • • Pornography related tokens
  • • Mixer tokens (tokens or coins like Tornado Cash)
  • • Slandering or defaming another project to boost your own (this includes on your social media and/or website)
  • • Racial or otherwise derogatory slurs are prohibited
  • • Tokens targeting minors or inexperienced traders
  • • Tokens offering insanely high dividends (this usually indicates a scam, and in reality is much lower)
  • • Tokens offering insanely high price increases (i.e. "Next 1000X Gem").
  • • Misleading advertising

Everything else is solely at my discretion.

Ready to start advertising?

Send me an email with your token information, what you're about, etc. and we'll get back to you within 72 hours.

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